Will we accept what God is proven to be? Yes or No When Jesus said, "It is finished" this means God is proven or God can be trusted to complete a task or prove who he says he is with miracles. Why is it so difficult to accept what God is proven to be? Those who can't accept believe that we will make it to another planet to carry on our legacy. They believe that the flesh and blood define the meaning of life. God is proven to be truth that is absolute, so this means that matter and energy are interchangeable and composed of one something that is eternal. The fundamental building block is eternal. The objective of any good craftsman is to make a product that is durable and lasts a long time. We laugh at being able to build a product that will last forever or as long as the eternal building block. Because we do not know how to make a product that does not eventually break apart. How is God mathematically proven? Zero or nothing does not equal one or something. The Big Bang and its subsequent linear time line is not mathematically sound and it can never be proven, because it is a singularity. The Universe is a creation of God and it is infinite, which means it did not have a beginning. Genesis is a story of the creation of matter and energy which break apart and appear to have and end, so the assumption is that matter and energy had to have a beginning from nothing to produce the linear time line. Our Universe is not 6,000 years old based on genealogy or 13.77 billion years old based on expansion from everywhere at once. It is eternal or timeless, God is an eternal timeless creator. God is no joke and he can change your subatomic ratio and prove that you never existed faster than your denial. Genesis is a creation story of matter and energy and God is the creator. Eve was created out of Adams rib, it does not state that Eve was created out of nothing. The Genesis story follows this pattern, however fanatics have misinterpreted it producing doubt concerning its creditability. God is a continuous creator as stated in Genesis 3:21 The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them, however he does not increase or decrease in number which means God never changes from emptiness into nothing and something. Moreover, creation continued after the seventh day as stated in Genesis 3:21. If matter and energy had a beginning, then they would require an end. All the experiences we have ever had on Earth are tied to matter and energy. We can't explain our existence without these building blocks in rational terms. Describe emptiness or the absence of time, space, matter, and energy. We don't understand things that produce no data. Now we can chose to be irrational, however truth and lies would be the same, since there would be no way to determine what is true and what is a false. If God was proven to be the catalyst that formed matter, energy and nothing, then God would be a combination of all three. God would be an oxymoron and beyond our understanding, which means we could blame God for our sin. God is proven to be a God of secrets, and this is the reason he is beyond our understanding. Some may think that they know how to keep their body or spirit eternal by eating certain foods or doing certain things, but I need to see them raise a dead body from the grave. I need to see some miracles. It is commonly understood that atoms do not die, and the body is made of atoms. However arranging those atoms to arise again when they are proven in body form to be dead is not commonly known. Therefore if you know how to keep your spirit eternal, then you would be a God. Jesus is never going to tell you how he keeps the spirit eternal and this is the reason that God is beyond your understanding. God is proven to be the something in this Universe that does not increase or decrease in number as stated in Hebrews 3:4, "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything". God is the eternal building block. The truth is not easy to accept, since humans did not make it we only observe it. The Greatest Commandment is related to Mark 3:29, because the Trinity represents Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Not following the Greatest commandment is an unforgivable sin. Not accepting Jesus Christ publicly would be an example of not loving God as stated in John 3:16. The second Greatest Commandment is like the first and is related to Mark 11:26 which states: But if you do not forgive your neighbor of sins against you, your Father in heaven will not forgive your sins. Many do not like the idea of one sin being more detestable than another; however these are not my Greatest Commandments. Like the Rich young ruler, every day I struggle with sin. When you don't think that you are in sin is when you are farthest from our Lord. Jesus did not point out the sin of the Rich young ruler; his sin was associated with breaking the Tenth Commandment. Often it is easier to see the sin in others, because we want to justify ourselves as not needing Grace. Both John the Baptist, and Paul struggled with those whom commit detestable sins outside of the Greatest Commandments. Remember they were not Jesus, it is his way. Love is an action word and our actions define what we love. Why are some sins forgivable and others are not? If every sin was forgivable, then it would not be an unforgivable sin to not accept Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior. The result would be that Grace would be given to everyone including those who did not accept it. Moreover everyone would go to Heaven, because all sin would be forgivable. This sounds good, however there would be no law and order based on a lack of accountability. Following the First and Second commandment prepares the child of God to accept Grace. The devil does not love God and he will not forgive you when you lie to him or sin against him. Jesus desires to remind you of this. Forgiveness is not a trait of the Devil and this is Jesus's way of showing us how they are opposite. The Devil will only remind you of your sin, since he fears death and knows no way to prevent it. He is the author of destruction,since that is his destiny. We live in a time space continuum, so Jesus Christ has always been in existence. Our Lord is accepted with our Heart, so during the time of Moses those whom knew the Lord did his will. The Devil does not love Jesus, because he does not know how to keep his anointed spirit in an eternal state like the Eternal Building Block. The Eternal Building Block has no end. Jesus is a specific ratio of the Eternal Building Block and he is the only one that knows how to keep the ratio from falling apart resulting in death. Atoms are defined by ratios and they decay representing a finite outcome. Each child of God is defined by a specific numerical Eternal Building Block sequence. The Eternal Building Block creates all that is possible as stated in Hebrews 3:4. John 1:14 states the word became flesh. Did time have a beginning? If yes, then there would have been a time when the word did not exist. The word is timeless, so it requires time to not have a beginning. The Big Bang and those who date the Bible at 6000 years are promoting a God that is beyond comprehension. A God that is an oxymoron,since it lacks opposites being defined as everything and the absence of everything which caused a spontaneous generation creating a new God called Jesus. Jesus would not fit into a Trinity with an Oxymoron. A virgin birth of any creature is not mentioned in the book of Genesis as a viable creation outcome. Macro-evolution refers to major evolutionary changes over time, the origin of new types of organisms from previously existing, but different, ancestral types. Examples of this would be fish descending from an invertebrate animal, or whales descending from a land animal. Micro-evolution refers to varieties within a given type. Change happens within a group, but the descendant is clearly of the same type as the ancestor. Macro-evolution requires chromosomes to both change in type and number, since organisms with a different number of chromosomes are in a different species and are not able to reproduce. An organism must have the same number of haploid chromosomes to mate a produce a zygote. The virgin birth of Jesus is the best evidence of macro-evolution, since the chromosomes both increase in number and change in type. Mary was a female and her 23 chromosome pair were both x|x. When the virgin birth of Jesus occurred the twenty third chromosome increased in number and changed in type from x|x to x|y. The main point here is that an Evolutionary origin would require a virgin birth of Adam and Eve. All male drone bees have a parthenogenesis birth, so a gene for virgin birth exists. Our origin from the Eternal Building Block determines the Law. If we came from an Oxymoron God, then there is no Law. Please take the time to read my book, click the picture link below.